About The Group

Pulse Communications not only comes up with the big idea, we deliver even bigger results using innovative marketing ideas, technical talent, creative designs and compelling content.

We work with you to determine your needs. Then we come up with the ideas to get you the results you want on time and on budget. Our unique combination of creative minds and technical talent gives you a team of professionals ready to take on a variety of projects, from print, graphic design, web design and development to interactive multimedia. Just as important as getting a job done, is getting it done right. At Pulse we not only dream up the big ideas, we deliver.

Our Superheros

Metaxia Flogeras

Studio Director/
Graphic Designer

Cheryl Dease

Sr. Web Developer

Julien LeBlanc

Sr. Web Developer

Derek Billingsley

Technology Director


Honorary Members

Munchkin #1
Munchkin #2

At Pulse we work with you, not just for you.

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